Newamstar PET Blow Packing Machine

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Newamstar High-speed Blowing-filing-capping Combibloc combines the blowing, filing and capping system reducing transmission,  empty bottle handling, storage processes, which improved packaging hygienic condition and reduce packaging cross-contamination so as to improve the overall operating efficiency but lower the energy consumption, thereby reduce the overall production cost of enterprises.

RBM series rotary blow molding machines apply to the production of PET bottles for water, carbonated soft drinks, hot filling, etc.

Main features
1. It adopts high definition TFT touch screen display, which can easily make multi-language menu switch and express operation instruction though multi-layer menu with pictures and text mode. Production speed, shift production, technical parameters and set interface can be displayed in the different layer menu, which has a friendly man-machine interface while it is very easy and convenient for operation.

2. Special t has very high productivity. Designed two-time blowing system can monitor in time the pressure variety curve in molding process of each cavity, providing parameters in time and exactly for technique adjustment, which is very convenient for operator to adjust technique parameters and has stable bottle molding quality.

3. It adopts the gripper transfer technology accurately controlled by cam mechanism. It is very stable and reliable while transferring preforms and bottle at high speed. Preform picking & sending and bottle picking & sending match mould opening and closing to ensure high-efficiency and exact sports process. Preform picking & sending and bottle picking & ranking are all finished by grippers to avoid middle pollution.

4. The cam mechanism accurately control the opening and closing of mould base with special mould locking and pressurizing system and simple and firm mould base structure. The blowing parameters for each cavity can be controlled independently. Good malfunction diagnosis function and special blowing structure ensure the sealing reliability under each pressure, and the blowing pressure can be adjusted. The stretch rod exactly control preform’s axial stretch; The first blowing and second blowing control preform’s longitudinal stretch. It can get good bottle wall thickness by accurately adjusting the first and send blowing.

5. Break the normal procedure design to adopt the same-axis rotary bushing structure and adopt two deep groove ball bearings to fix the two ends, making the outer sleeve and core shaft be concentric and ensuring that the rotary sealing ring is not easy to be damaged. Simultaneously add one water-back way to make the leakage water back along the pipe and ensure no leakage for water distributor.

6. Heater adopts nine-section far infrared temperature control. Each group of lamps in pre-heating zone and adjusting zone can be respectively controlled and adjusted according to technique requirement. It equips timely temperature monitoring system to ensure stable and accurate technique and avoid too high temperature on outer wall of the preform. The heating system can save 10%-20%.

1 review for Newamstar PET Blow Packing Machine

  1. Rupali

    Newamstar, an expert and leader of the high-end liquid packaging machinery, has been committed to technological innovation, following the marketing needs, guiding the development of industry. Blowing-filling-capping combibloc , one of their best production already have gained the recognition of many famous companies at home and abroad, such as Coca Cola, NESTLE, Wahaha, C’estbon , GANTEN, Huiyuan, Dongpeng.

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